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Endnotes and Footnotes for Websites

Website Footnotes

Endnotes is a simple tool that lets you add professional-looking endnotes and footnotes to your website. It is free and easy to use.

Well-Organized Reference List

When you use the Endnotes tool to add citations to your website, it converts your ISBN, PMID and other database identifiers, and creates a well-organized bibliography or list of citations on your page, wherever you'd like to put it.

Use ISBN to identify a book

Adding a book to your bibliography or list of references is simpleisbn 1603290249. Just find the book's ISBN and add it to your text within superscript tags (like this: <sup>isbn 1603290249</sup>). The Endnotes script will add it to your list of references, and display a link to the book within your list of citationsisbn 020530902X. ISBN stands for international standardized book number.

Use citations from PubMed

Easily add references from PubMed, and have them quickly tabulated for you in your document as a list of citationspmid 8079876. All PubMed citations in the list contain a hyperlink to the abstract on PubMedpmid 11170691.

Use citations from

Easily add references from arXiv, just by using the arXiv reference numberarxiv 1301.1102. All your arXiv citations will also show up in your list of citations. All arXiv citations in the list contain a hyperlink to the abstract on arXiv.arxiv 0908.0067.

Add Endnotes to Your Site

It's simple to install Endnotes to your website. Just copy the html code below:

And paste it into your website's code where you want the reference list to appear. Then, every place you want to add a citation, type the pubmed ID of your citation inside superscript tags, like this: <sup>pmid 20598576</sup>

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